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Ritual: The Seer (2)

Published February 28, 2014 by michelleembree

crow13aAssume you have created everything you see, everything you experience or have experienced.

Spend a few days looking at your life and the world from this idea.

In every situation consciously say the words to yourself: “I created all of this.”

Forget belief. This is about self-knowledge. This is entering The Living Oracle.

You are now looking at all things, categorizing these into the suits (The Magus exercise), and assuming your dominion as creator simultaneously.

As you become comfortable in this habit you become more closely aligned with your own knowing.

Do this before you go to sleep: relax your body, take deep breaths, all the way into your stomach and ask yourself: “Why did I create _______________?”

Start simple. “Why did I create a conflict with my co-worker today?”

“Why did I create a hording disaster in my garage?”

Even more simple ask about positive things: “Why did I create my beautiful children?”, “Why did I create my green garden?”

Let the answers come in words, images, and feelings. Let yourself know why you create the things in your life that you are aware you have control over.

Continue doing this over time and see how it expands your knowledge. More importantly, begin to notice how it expands your sense awareness. Colors will become more vivid. Shapes will become more defined. Awareness creates more awareness and gives us greater space in which to live, to delve, to feel, and enjoy.

This exercise also creates greater understanding of others and circumstances much larger than us.

After some practice with this, you may decide you want to begin to ask questions about those things which you do not control: “Why did I create a tree falling on my car?”, “Why did I create the moment so and so hurt me?”

To ask these questions is to gain greater control over our lives. This is not blaming the self. This is an exercise in discovery.

I have, indeed, asked why I created situations in which others hurt me under conditions over which I had no control. The answers that have come to me have become part of a narrative that creates a framework for feelings that once overwhelmed. Now I have better alert systems for when these feelings rise from places and experiences of my past. My psyche has a ‘sense making’ series of stories that prevent the old feelings from becoming new experiences that I do not desire.

I don’t blame myself. I make sense for myself, the greatest of all creative powers.

This is the fundamental purpose of this work, creating ourselves within our own knowledge and becoming more agile in our perception of the world and the endless, generally frightening and degrading, streams of stimulus that enter our fields.

I use this practice now to encompass all things. I asked this of myself one night:

“Why did I create the nuclear bomb?”

The answer came immediately: “I thought I was supposed to.”

And, undoubtedly, that is precisely how such a thing came to exist.

Be well. Be wise. Be free.


“The Tarot embo…

Published February 27, 2014 by michelleembree

“The Tarot embodies symbolical presentations of universal ideas behind which lie all the implicits of the human mind, and it is in this sense that they contain secret doctrine, which is the realization by the few of truths embedded in the consciousness of all.”

-A. E. Waite


Published February 27, 2014 by michelleembree
Artist: Pamela Coleman-Smith /Rider-Waite-Smith Deck

Artist: Pamela Coleman-Smith /Rider-Waite-Smith Deck

The Magus is your will.

Enormous power may emanate from the will as long as we understand the necessary elements and disciplines that streamline and embolden its trajectory.

‘Willpower’, will inevitably fail us. In fact, socially we abuse ourselves, and each other, for a lack of ‘willpower’ in any number of areas in which we attempt to make changes, contributions, or pursue dreams. ‘Willpower’ and our belief that not only such a thing exists but that it is something one either has or does not have is misinformation at best, a full-scale set-up at worst.

Forget all that completely. Regain your lucidity from any failures you may believe have come from this ‘lack of willpower’. ‘Willpower’ is an emotion. Emotions are fleeting. So, any project soars on this ‘willpower’ when you are emotionally high, and that same project falls completely to pieces when your emotions inevitably plummet. That is what emotions do. That is their job. And their job is necessary, powerful, and beautiful when applied and understood appropriately. However, to believe that The Will can be successfully applied from emotion is to believe a lie.

‘Willpower’ is a lie.

Organization, planning, discipline, and support are the foundation of The Will. These are the mandatory requirements of flowing your power into the world. These are learned and developed over time on waves of failure and success, through periods of inspiration balanced with consultation. The Will is something you learn, not something you are born with or without.

First lesson of The Magus:  Reject all lies told upon the self.

Why not start with this one? It’s heinous, really, quite destructive to the self, culture, society, the planet, our beautiful animal and plant species, our vast consciousness and certainly our power. This lie creates far too much shame and shame is deeply destructive to everything within The Great All and All.

So . . . drop it and let’s get on with what matters . . .

There is The Will and from it great power flows. The Magus is our master teacher on how to harness and direct The Will using the fundamental tools of its alchemy.

We can see in the Coleman-Smith rendering on this page, the four symbols of the Tarot suits:  The Wand, The Cup, The Sword, and The Pentacle.


As Elements:                As Magickal Action:          As Spheres of Consciousness:

Wands:             Fire                           Inspiration                   Intuition

Cups:                 Water                       Creation                         Emotion

Swords:            Air                             Knowledge                    Intellect

Pentacles:       Earth                        Manifestation             Sensation

The four, in any category, must be harmonized in order to utilize The Will.

I’ll use a standard Biblical Myth to easily make the point: God harmonized the four elements in order to create our 3D reality.

To make a piece of writing, music, visual art, to bake a cake, the center column is harmonized. And, indeed, these are Magickal Actions.

To transform ourselves we use the third column. And this is the place of beginning for any of us who wish to harness The Will and allow its power to flow out of us and into our worlds.

To do this is to engage The Great Work. Deliberate and disciplined creation is mastery and mastery is freedom.

The Magus understands intuitively, grasps emotionally, analyzes intellectually, and feels sensationally the vast and ultimate truth that the universe is far from a chaotic whirlwind of broken pieces and shattered dust and is instead deeply, intimately, touchingly connected.

The Magus sees through the powerful illusions we are presented with on The Terrace. The Magus sees how these illusions become adhered to who and what we believe we are. In mastery, the illusions are pulled away from our inner world and a truthful self is created in its place.

The Magus is our moral independence and our spiritual development. Beware confusing Collective Individualism with True Individuation. In consumerist cultures we can easily see the Collective Individualism in our malls and our internet marketplaces. Are you the Goth Girl? The Sports Guy? What motifs do you identify with/as?

We are offered packaged and externalized identities that provide a narrative/type to us and to those who witness our use and display of certain products and motifs, of certain brands and activities. Beware confusing these with individuality. At this moment in time, even our moral and political attitudes are pre-packaged in this way. Beware. Beware. Beware.

Especially if you think you are not affected this way. THAT is the magic here. Those who believe they are impervious are the most vulnerable and often in ways we don’t immediately recognize. The imperviousness angle is even driven from within the propaganda spectacle itself. Which is to say, we are sold the imperviousness that makes us the most vulnerable to Collective Individualism and, simultaneously, the least likely to notice. We may askew mall products while we wholesale ‘purchase’ ideological packages or self and other assessments that destroy us deeply and permanently damage who we are. So . . . BEWARE. Be FEARLESS. Be HONEST. I mean it.

For the deep psychology and propaganda techniques of marketing ourselves to us, study work by Douglas Rushkoff. A fascinating  place to start is with this: VIDEO

The Magus is True Individuation and in this game, True Individuation is how you know where you are at any given moment. The Magus is your compass of self upon The Terrace.

Ritual: The Magus (1)

Published February 27, 2014 by michelleembree

magoldpicTransformation is the key here and learning to utilize The Will is the process of that transformation.

Look at the suits of Tarot: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles.

Notice these constantly. Notice them all day long.

When you experience creative inspiration, sexual desire, excitement about or toward any event or adventure or action or person or idea. . . these are your Wands.

When you experience emotions, any of them, these are Cups. Especially notice feelings of love, deepen love every time you notice it. Do not ever let a little feeling of love pass you by, feel it deeper, make it grow downward as roots and upward as branches.

Other emotions, like anger or jealousy notice these too. Remind yourself that these are your Cups. Remind yourself that these are emotions they are fleeting and avoid growing them upward or downward. Just notice them and say to yourself: Cup.

When you make something, an act of creation whether it is baking a cake or speaking to others, these are your Cups, also.

Ask yourself: What am I creating in the conversations I have? The words I choose, the tone I use?

What are you deepening when you speak and act? Are your words and actions kind, true, and necessary? If not, why? What do really believe you can gain with any other type of action and speech? Will it work? Does it matter? Does it show your worth in truth?

Your thoughts are your Swords. What are you thinking? Notice your thoughts and the images that accompany them. Notice every thought you have. Do not let a single thought or image go without your notice, you are a master, you know yourself completely. Notice every thought and every image and say to yourself: Swords.

Anything material in your life are your Pentacles: Your dwelling, your car, your food, your clothing, and the money in your wallet, your job. When you engage these things, think: Pentacle.

Do this. Notice what you notice and put that noticing into the proper suit.

In time you will see how very important this really is, this work is vital to what we will do later with The Magus. Make this noticing a habit in your being. This takes time, but DO IT.

Write or draw about the suits. Label entries in your journal, or as you write or draw or make notes on your studies (any subject) go back and notate which suit your creations are aligned with.

You may want to collect the objects themselves and put them in a place where you can see and touch them to remind you to do this work continuously.

The value of this cannot be underestimated as we move forward in the game.

Eventually, the real and meaty work of The Magus in transformation through the power of The Will is to create our Analogies. Analogy is the language of ourselves and these Analogies are how the manifest world speaks to us.

Prophecy and foreshadowing are simple when we have Analogic Language. Magick is far from what we have come to understand as ‘Mystical’. Magick is reading and operating the material world as The Magus. That’s all it is.

We will come back to The Magus and development of Analogic Language later. First, notice. Notice. Notice.

Make a perpetual habit of noticing the suits. Write it down. Draw it. Focus.

Transformation is the key of The Magus in a game where nothing is given without your focus.

For those of you doing healing work with these keys, noticing our thoughts and emotions is vital. If you have Post-Traumatic Stress, you must NEVER allow a thought or feeling to bypass your conscious attention. The worst places you have ever been are always attempting to resolve themselves, to alert you to their ongoing struggle. These thoughts and feelings will do whatever they can to get played out in your present moments because they REQUIRE resolution. Notice them. Let them be what they are. Acknowledge them and categorize them into their suits. They may take up several suits.

Example: A barn is a trigger for you, let’s say. You see a barn. That is a Pentacle. Anxiety ensues. That is a Cup. You think something, what is it? Don’t let it get away. What is the thought, the image? That is a Sword. Another feeling follows the thought. What is it? Don’t let it get away. That is another Cup.

Follow yourself here. This is a PTS spiral and you can map it in order to transform it. Let it be what it is. No hating you. This is not failure; this is the process of the The Great Work.

Write it down. All of it: The trigger object or word, the feeling that emerged, the thought that followed the feeling, the feeling that followed the thought etc. etc. You are mapping your spiral and taking control.

The suits provide a means of pulling it all apart. The object, feeling, thought are DIFFERENT things. Not one big mess. It seems like one big mess, but it is not.

This work matters. It matters. It matters. Remember: I LOVE YOU.

Continued good luck in this game.



Published February 26, 2014 by michelleembree
Artist: Frieda Harris /Thoth Deck w/Crowley

Artist: Frieda Harris /Thoth Deck w/Crowley

“The card that bears no number passes through all the numbered cards and is changed in each.”

-A. E. Waite

First Knowledge: The Great Fool is you.

In the story as I am telling it here, life is a quest, a game. In order to play you don’t need to believe anything. All you need is a world that makes sense within its own limits. Like any good fiction story, a world with its own rules must be created.

And this is that world . . .

When we enter the body, the amazing vehicle that permits our experience here on The Terrace, we forget everything we knew.  Only moments before our arrival we knew everything, absolutely everything. We even knew what we came here to learn. We knew our purpose, we knew who we would meet and why, we knew many of the things that would happen. . . and then we forgot.

It is The Forgetting that provides us with innocence. We forget so that we may begin in perfection. We forget so that we may witness our strengths and weaknesses as we navigate the often rough and confusing terrain of free will and chance combined with underlying purpose and destiny. We are all of this. Destiny exists, though we may choose to go against it. Purpose is ours, as we have desired it, though we may never access its path.

Here, on The Terrace, we are free will in search of destiny. An undertaking only The Great Fool would bother to engage.

You are The Great Fool. In other words, you are The Great Hero and every lesson you learn here, whether tragic or sublime, informs the infinite consciousness, The Master Everlast, as I call it in these stories. Everything you learn informs the knowledge of consciousness itself. So . . . learn well you Fool . . . it matters.

The Great Fool is the you that encounters every event, every emotion, every thought, every word, every propaganda, every expectation as it is placed at your feet.

The Great Fool is deeply important as not only a character, but as a place inside of us. This is our being. We are always free in this place inside ourselves. Breathe deeply and think: I am free. I am free. I am free. Get used to going to this place because you will need it often in this game. You will need it everyday.

This place is where the yogis and masters of all variety direct us to go in meditation or yoga. It is a solidity of self in full dignity and peace. The Great Fool is on The Terrace in body, yet is never caught-up in the events, even the emotions, that assail and compel, that satisfy and fulfill.

Think of anything in your life and remember: I am not that. I am free.

Think of the worst thing that ever happened to you, breathe and repeat the above words until you feel yourself detached.

Now, think of the thing you are most proud of and say the same words: I am not that. I am free.

Whatever we identify as, is never truth. As we move through our days it is vital that we can say wonderful things about ourselves: “I am a good father”, “I am a good friend”, “I am good at my job”, “I am good at my art”. All of it matters. And to be good at these things certainly matters. But none of it is who we are.

Why is this important? For one thing, if we can understand that we are not the very best of our accomplishments, we can also understand that we are not the very worst of our experiences either.

Further, if one is heavily identified with, say, “I am a good mother”, one is unlikely to stop and ask, “How can I be a good mother? Do I listen to my children?”.  When we identify too strongly with one belief about ourselves our capacity for hypocrisy and blindness becomes strong.

Take the best and the worst of yourself and detach from it. Go the The Great Fool within and become free to choose, to change. Become free to access your destiny and purpose.

For those who have suffered trauma this place inside is the most vital of all to create. This is the place where you are safe to be exactly who you are. This is the place of well-being. You cannot be pulled apart by the elements, by the social orders. This is the place where you can simply be. Here you are free. You are much, much more than the worst things that have ever happened to you and the maladaptive feelings and behaviors that have grown out of these events.

Most importantly . . . The Great Fool is in constant contact with the self that never forgot one thing. The Great Fool is always in connection to full knowing, complete love, and synchronicity. The Great Fool is beyond forgiveness, even. “Forgive what?” The Great Fool asks, “Everyone is only another version of myself.”

Take the best and worst of yourself and set it free like a bird into the sky.

Take the best and worst of yourself, detach from these so that you may choose, choose, choose.

Our free will is tacit though in our fear of freedom (which we rarely acknowledge), in our fear of others (whom we are taught to regard as out to get us), in our desire to see punishment and call it justice, we deny the very free will that can change our larger world instantly and are, therefore, easily ruled by those persons and organizations, by systemized machines of social functioning, that would use us against ourselves and against each other.

Take this key into the rest of game. Success in everything is gained in just this way:

1. Show up.

2. Pay attention.

3. Tell the truth.

4. Be detached from the outcome.

The Great Fool is you. Congratulations! You are free. You may choose.

Ritual: The Great Fool ( 0 )

Published February 25, 2014 by michelleembree

foololdpicWrite a letter to yourself from The Great Fool.

This character is YOU in full knowing. This is the part of you that knows everything.

I recommend you do this when you are very calm, when you feel centered and have drank plenty of water. If you do The Great Fool meditation, you may want to write your letter right afterward.

What themes reappear in your life? Do you meet too many liars or cowards? Do you break more hearts than most you know? Does it seem that everyone needs you or that when you have a need no one is there?

Ask yourself and allow a theme or two to appear. Don’t think. Let the answers come. When we think, we almost always lie because we have conditioned ourselves to believe we are our thoughts. But, it is easy to see this isn’t true. Remember a time when you heard someone define themselves as something precisely opposite of your experience of them. Trust me, you do the same thing. We all do.

Ask yourself what is an overwhelming theme in my life and let the answer come. The answer is the first word or image that comes to your mind. And then begin:

Dear ___________,

Of course you have often experienced ______________. This is because you came to learn _____________.

And just let your hand do the work from there. Be FEARLESS here. Be honest.

When you think of a moment when you just cannot believe that so and so reacted in such and such a way, stop, breathe all the way into your stomach, go back to the moment and ask yourself what your real motivation was. Were you trying to help, or were you trying to control under the cover of your thoughts? Was it an off handed comment, or a jab you intended as a weapon though even you were unaware?

Do you attract liars because you don’t believe you deserve the truth? Or because you are a liar too and in relation to the others you have no responsibility to truth? Do you attract cowards because you secretly over-admire your own strength? Or because you believe you will always be abandoned in the worst possible moment? Do you attract the wounded and helpless because it makes you feel superior? Or because you are hiding from your own wounds? Or because you fear those you cannot control? Do you break hearts because you can not really love? Or because you like to show off to your friends? Or because you really are THAT insecure?

Be FEARLESS. Tell yourself the truth.

Do you attract violence because your energy field is a black hole for the stuff?

The answers, the truthful answers will definitely surprise you.

Ask The Great Fool what lessons you must learn from the patterns in your life.

Get over any notions that you are being tested or punished. Those are control notions handed to us by a culture based in religion/politics. You may not believe religion, you may even be very, very angry about religion (something good to work through with The Great Fool right there), you may askew politics as nothing but lies, still, you are deeply affected by these over-arching realities. Our family and schooling systems are based entirely in religious and political tenets. No way around it.

Life is not punishment and it is not a test. Life is a quest. And what you learn as you play changes the condition of the consciousness of The Master Everlast. What you learn matures and perfects The Great Fool still in connection, the part of you that is never born and never dies, the part of you that is writing this letter to you.

You took on The Forgetting because you are the VERY BEST at living your own life. No matter how it seems, no matter how you are encouraged to look at yourself by the religious/political culture that tells you much too much about who you are, no matter what the truth is simple: You are the VERY BEST at living your own life. That is why it is yours rather than another’s. These are your lessons. Learn them well and ask The Great Fool to tell you what you need to know.

Be FEARLESS. Be honest. Laugh and cry as needed.

Have Fun. Forgive yourself. Forgive your other selves as best as you are able.

Repeat this exercise often. This is seriously one of the best ways to get to know yourself and to learn these lessons well.

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