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Cosma (21)

Published March 28, 2018 by michelleembree
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Thoth Deck // Artist: Frieda Harris

Cosma or Cosmos is The Great All and All. It is the whole beyond our comprehension. Whether or not we feel freed or lost by the realization that we exist in a continuum of infinite progress and regress, of endless expansion and suppression, depends upon our acceptance of a non-linear experience.

We do not climb ladders or clear bars, we do not become better and better until we are reabsorbed into something grand and peaceful but rather we continue to experience and re-experience and experience and re-experience.

We are the fall and we are the falling, we are the sun and the moon, we are the clock on the wall which is nothing other than an infinite jest, the most complete joke known anywhere on the body of time.

Cosma is that body. A landscape of time and place of momentum and position. The flow of time is an illusion like all other illusions and we comfort ourselves in birth and death, in experience and re-experience.

You are the leader, you are the healer, you are the condemned, you are the drug addict, and the mentally deranged. You are the lover and you are the beloved. You are the hero in a real sense and you are the monster that all believe to be the hero.

You are the one. You did it and you suffer it. You did it and you rejoice in it. You are the light and the shadow. You are the good and the evil. You are the killer and the savior.

When we go very deep we know the worst of us must be stopped and the best of us must be valued beyond what we most fear in ourselves.

When we go very deep we know the worst in us must be stopped. Think about it and return again to the empty heart, the new life, The Great Fool.

We know the worst in us must be stopped. We may love the worst in us the same as we love the best in us, if we like, but whether you love it or not: THE WORST IN US MUST BE STOPPED.

Whether Cosma feels like freedom or it feels like a never ending scream through nothingness depends entirely on how willing we are to pick-up our course, square our shoulders and say: YES. I WILL STOP YOU. Yes. I will.

Welcome, welcome to the full real and back to the beginning (as if such things exist) back to The Great Fool and this time you are committed to making value of what is the very best of you personally and of your human kind.

May you choose the wisdom that brings The Great All and All to an alignment wherein greater satisfaction and beauty may rupture and flow like lava taking everything in its path.



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