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Strength (8)

Published March 12, 2014 by michelleembree


Strength is your Acceptance.

The Chariot moves into the social and economic world-as-it-is, to enact an inner vision on the landscape. Chances are good that what is immediately discovered is a forbidding and corrupt set of systems, beliefs, organizations, and institutions that inform the behavior and conformity of all the people you will meet.

Revolt is utterly necessary.

Revolt will rise automatically, how we handle it, how we regard our own natural revolt is what will make the difference between falling into Collective Individualism (an expected conformity based on natural revolt) or standing in who and what we really are in the form of True Individuation (the revolutionary act of life).

{NOTE: See The Magus for more on True Individuation.}

When we decide that the world must change in order for us to live in it, we miss the point of life and spend our time controlling other people and situations in petty and ill-dignified modes of manipulation.

The systemized propaganda of our culture induces and caters to this maladaptation to reality/identity. As long as we feel trapped and isolated in continuous moment into moment obsessions with slights and vague, but overwhelming, feelings of inability and repression, we just spin our wheels in place. We stop the motion of The Chariot at the very place it was to begin. Our culture induces and caters to this stoppage, this block against The Self.

Every life is a revolution on several levels all at once.

Strength offers us the key to our revolution: Acceptance. We accept that the world-as-it-is has been creating itself for a very long time. We accept that we have stepped into The Quest to embolden, discipline, and further expand into mastery the part of us that does not die and cannot be born. In the process of this mission the world changes. It must. It cannot be otherwise.

Strength offers a true master the ultimate key of permanent and perhaps broad upheavals in the world-as-it-is. Strength acknowledges that what is simply is. If it needs serious changing, then change it. Accept your mission. If what is must be different in order for you to engage, if what is must change in order for you to change it, well, that is a perfect standstill that recreates control grids on every breath we take, on every thought we harbor, on every word we speak.

Strength is gentle. It is acceptance and it is revolution on several levels at one time.

Accept what is, look it in the eyes, get to know it. Then take it apart tiny wire by tiny wire. Accept what is and dismantle it.

Be Strong. Be Wise. Be in Revolution.

Ritual: Strength (8)

Published March 12, 2014 by michelleembree
Artist: Emmbr

Artist: Emmbr

Strength is your Acceptance.

Acceptance is Strength, because it is difficult.

Accepting ourselves in truth is the most difficult act of Strength that one can engage.

The ritual here is difficult and forever. Over the course of The Quest, keep this key in your palm. Don’t bother putting it away.

{The following ritual is adapted from one of the thousands of brilliant realizations made by Caroline Myss}

Our natural state is immediate revolt. This is as it should and must be. The problem we have is a lack of cultural wisdom on how to utilize this particular grace, in combination with the exploitation of precisely this truth within our animal. Natural revolt is exploited for profit and control. As long as we are mad at this and that and the other, we will always need control grids to tell other people what to do. We will always look to nation states and corporations and religious orders and war machines to parent us.

It might be easier to start by thinking about witnessing the revolt in those around you. Think of someone who disagrees with you no matter what you say. This person may even disagree when you say something they have said in the past. Think of someone you know who argues and debates on subjects they have no knowledge about or have never heard before or don’t care about or are not even remotely effected by or didn’t even take two seconds to think about. Think of a person who argues with your general preferences. Revolt. Revolt. Revolt.

Feeling anxious? Well, forget those people. Let’s focus on ourselves.

Do this all the time:

1. Notice your own immediate Revolt to other people and to situations.

2.  Ask yourself: What do I really want?

3. Answer yourself: I want __________. *

4. Evolve yourself through what this tells you about yourself.

5. Look for the meaning in it.

Take your higher guidance despite the formidable challenge it presents. Strength is Acceptance and we cannot accept what we do not notice and we cannot change what we do not accept.

*HINT: More often than not the answer is: Control.

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