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The Hanging Man

Published August 28, 2014 by michelleembree

photo 2{{ I was writing this essay and, unbeknownst to me, at the very same time Maggie Woolfolk was working on a drawing of The Hanging Man. She said I could put it here and share it. Check out her cool artworks like: Shakti Fever. Which you can get from this cool place:  StarClipper.}} (awesome)!

The Hanging Man is the action of transformation.

The Key: Becoming

To perceive The Hanging Man from our vantage point, it appears that a person is caught. Or maybe they have turned themselves upside down in order to see differently. Either way, we see a figure hanging, not in action at all.

Look through the eyes of The Hanging Man and see the whole world transform. All he has known is in dramatic flux and The Hanging Man is keeping it together by becoming new. In repose, he struggles with why he struggles to let go of what he no longer needs.

Only the receptive may engage the power of shift and The Hanging Man is this knowledge in action. Like sands making dunes or stardust making galaxies, The Hanging Man relaxes into his body and aligns to the next man he needs to become.

The Hanging Man is the action of transformation, the mastery of change with meaningful reward. He is the patience that opens the door for Justice, for shift, for the transformation of a world he no longer needs.

The Hanging Man is a portion of the quest wherein all that is known, becomes strange. It is a stretch of terrain that warbles under a too bright sun and serves to transform you into someone ruled by becoming what is new, rather than defined by what is done.

For those of you doing healing work with the Tarot: The Hanging Man is the action of becoming the one ruled by becoming new, over and over and over again. You become new over and over again because it is one of the many gifts belonging to your kind. The Hanging Man relieves the past of any need for you. It is done and done and done.

Good Luck Out There. I Love You. xox

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