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Published March 5, 2014 by michelleembree

Artist; Godfrey Dowson /Hermetic Tarot

(a.k.a The Hierophant)

The Keeper is your Archivist.

The Great Fool steps upon the Terrace with images of the keys painting dreams and desires, insisting that The Quest be engaged. It is The Keeper, however, who holds these keys and their power.

The Keeper maintains the archives of longstanding traditions that can induce sacred visions. Or produce words in an order proper to essential movements of spirit within the body.

The Keeper can take thousands of bodies into ecstatic states simultaneously. The Keeper is a master speaker who always knows which secrets to give and which to hold back, when to speak with voice and when to speak with silence.

This character is one of strong moral constitution and someone upon whom all may depend. This is the character that makes sure emergency services are available during dark winter storms. This is the character that is always there to make the coffee at an AA meeting whether anyone shows up or not. This is the character that makes sure the weary have a warm place they may count upon.

The Keeper stays close to the knowledge contained in the many books, and locked boxes, and magical objects that are archived meticulously and await your deepest questions.

So, what would you like to know?  Ask the right question and The Keeper will unleash great secrets of power and illumination upon your life. What would you like to know? Ask the right question, and The Kingdom is yours.

Ritual: The Keeper (5)

Published March 5, 2014 by michelleembree

heirooldpicThe Keeper is your Archivist.

Gather the books that have informed who you are; the stories and theories that mean something to you everyday. Make a special shelf for these and add objects with magical significance to you. Keep your magical notes, your Spell Books here.

Let this grow. Organize ideas and artworks, notes and gifts, heirlooms from your family story. Tell the story of yourself in visual space. Add a box or two that contain more private or gentle memories. Protect objects from the eyes of others to signify their specialness and the protection we exact over our deepest selves.

If you have been thinking of making a family tree or tracing your ancestry, The Keeper nods softly at this motivation. Make the tree; put it on paper so you may look at it. Objects are magical. Our digital time is convenient, but objects are still magical. When we are surrounded by the objects and images that resonate with who we are, we are clearer in our thinking. Our general memory is better and so is our physical health.

Hopefully all this will lead you to forms of Altar Magic. The Keeper knows power emanates from these in remembrance and intention.

For those of you doing healing work:

Write down or otherwise symbolize the images and narratives of those events that cause you grief. Put these in a box. Or use a series of boxes to separate, to index, as The Keeper would say, specific experiences or persons or events.

A series of boxes can help to separate this event from that event when emotions overlap. This matters because it helps us keep each event in its own perspective and not allow it to encompass the full brunt of several experiences as if they were one. Put these on an altar or a special shelf, someplace where you can see them. Fill them up if you like, if you need to do so. Whatever you need is all that matters.

Allow yourself, over three weeks, or six weeks, or nine, as long as you need, but I recommend setting a time frame that can be divided by three. Take the time you need and grieve. Just grieve. It is just fine. And necessary.

Use a flash pot or fire pit to burn the contents of the boxes and maybe the boxes themselves, if you like. Bury the ashes ***Important***. Fire can cleanse OR return. To cleanse, bury the ashes.

Afterward, fill the boxes with images or stories about what you have learned, what you have accepted, what you intend to contribute back to others now that you can. Or use objects to symbolize these intentions.

The Keeper will archive these in case you forget or for anytime you need. And The Keeper will always remember the precise actions taken to transform grief into contribution. The Keeper always knows exactly where secrets come from, and where they go when they die.

I Love You. And how you get where you need to go matters very much to me and to The Keeper who needs the map of your intentional change to give to others as they make their way through The Quest.  xxo

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