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Ritual: The Lovers (6)

Published March 6, 2014 by michelleembree

The Lovers is your Self.

Artist: Salvidor Dali / Salvidor Dali Tarot Deck

Artist: Salvidor Dali / Salvidor Dali Tarot Deck

Most of us look at what we consider our available options to be, rather than going deeply and asking ourselves what we actually want, need, could do or be if we decided upon it and made our way toward it.

If we manage to get an idea about what we want and need we tend to immediately recriminate ourselves: That’s not possible. I can’t do that. I can’t have that. It’s not available. I have to do this. I have to focus on this. I have to acquire that.

We believe in the rules and morals and requirements of society, family, and ‘tribe’. There is nothing wrong with this, in fact, there is a survival necessity to instilling us with these beliefs and limits. But, innovation is impossible without breaking these rules/beliefs down.

In our contemporary culture and family structures, we are inundated with deeply negative beliefs about ourselves, with destructive rules and limits. We are delivered sermon upon sermon about our inadequacy in the face of all these lovely products and lifestyles we should buy. Buy with money or buy with fear and self-hatred, either way.

Even those of us who tend to follow along with the great mysteries of the ‘numinous’, even those of us who chase down our dreams and actualize our passions, we still do the above recriminating on some level or even constantly in our dwelling and doubting. So . . . this exercise is for everyone.

Listen to how often you tell yourself that your options or access is limited. Listen to how often you tell yourself you are not this or that thing that you would like to be or think you should be. At first, just notice. After you realize how much you do this, how much you are limiting yourself, apply these questions to any limit:

  1. Is it true?
  2. How Do I know it is true?
  3. Who am I if it is not true?

More than we realize, believing in negative or limiting self-concepts prevents us from responsibility for our own freedom. We get some safety out of it even if it causes us pain.

And this pain may cause us to not care how we get what we want. We belittle ourselves when we hurt and manipulate others to get to an end we don’t believe we can or should access. We degrade ourselves when we steal from each other. And, more often than not, end up with much less than our deepest and most profound dreams would have delivered to us if only we had engaged The Self in the choices we made.

Spirit and Desire, Rational and Emotional. In union these make The Self in truth.

Continued Good Luck on The Quest! xxo

The Lovers (6)

Published March 6, 2014 by michelleembree

The Lovers is your Self.

Artist: Emmbr /The Book of Keys Deck

Artist: Emmbr /The Book of Keys Deck

If we consider The Great Fool as a newborn, as the innocence of childhood, the blank slate of The Forgetting, then The Lovers is adolescence in all its terrible angst and glorious possibility.

NOTE: {Considering in this way, The Magus may also be understood as the toddler learning to say: NO.  Favorite of all toddler words as it is the first realization of The Will as separate from others}.

The Lovers is the part of The Quest when we separate emotionally, intellectually, and possibly morally from the family, from our ‘tribe’. We have become  The Self through the union of our spirit and our desire.

We have learned our preferences and imagined ourselves in a variety of potentials, imagined a love relationship we would like to find, an occupation we would enjoy, a series of adventures we wish to engage. These images, these possibilities are the mark of our unique spirit and as it fuses with desire, we find ourselves in need of individual expanse.

This will happen over and over on the quest. We will arrive again and again to The Self. We will change again and again. And always The Self is a new unity.

And from that unity we make choices. All choice is made by The Lovers in quiet conversation with one another. All relevant and important choices are made from a unity of rational and emotional intelligences. One without the other is not a choice; it is compulsion or addiction, it is fear given to the automations of the social orders to dictate its actions, but it is not a choice. Insist and bluster or flail neurotically as one might, action taken without conscious engagement from The Self, from the union of spirit and desire, the union of rational and emotional, is not a choice it is simply following orders.

The Lovers is The Self. To make any action in freedom is to make an action in choice. To make any choice one must consult The Self; engage quiet, respectful and joyous conversations between the preferences and proclivities of spirit and  what is wanted. Think through the various routes to get the desired thing and acknowledge the way each route will dictate what it feels like to obtain it.

The Lovers is The Self in its highest integrity.

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