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Published March 1, 2014 by michelleembree
Artist: Emmbr /The Book of Keys Deck

Artist: Emmbr /The Book of Keys Deck

(a.k.a High Priestess)

The Seer is your Advisor.

This character sits in the doorway between our world and the underworld.

The Seer is a Master Interpreter of symbol, synchronicities, and empathic reception.

The underworld may be understood as our unconscious or subconscious. More appropriately, it is our memory. The Seer lives in the boundary zone of memory as it was at its inception and as it becomes again and again in our replay of these memories.

Memory (or the subconscious) itself is known only in symbol. This memory may be personal or genetic. It may be historical or it may come to life from the realm of our sleeping and waking dreams. In any case, it is The Seer that interprets and may also, if directly consulted, advise on our best course of action or assist in sorting our empathic receptions from our own thoughts and emotions.

The Seer is a master of deciphering the true motivations and needs of others based upon the reading of empathic receptions. This is a vital skill to develop in conjunction with The Seer.

To understand the true needs of others gives us the ability to convert situations for the highest good of all*. A  person may create nearly untenable environments filled with contention and defensiveness.

If, by using empathic reception and a developed relationship with The Seer, we can see through to the fact that this person controls environments in this way because they feel unworthy as person overall, we gain, at least, an opportunity to ameliorate the tension in the environment by addressing the true motivation rather than the asserted motivation.

Even if the circumstance is beyond such alteration, we may leave it behind or exist with it in a truthful manner. If we read the motivation correctly, we can easily ward off our internal angers and sense of slight. Further, we may compassionately share comfort with others affected and offer relief to their internal frustrations as well.

The better we read, the easier continual contact with our own freedom becomes.

The Seer exists in the boundary between the underworld and our world, sitting at the ‘veil’ always, calmly, easily. The Great All in All makes perfect sense to The Seer. Fear is fear. Loss is loss. They have their purpose. Joy and Love are permanent, we emanate from these. Fear and loss teach us to grasp the true greatness of who and what we are. The Seer always understands, always holds compassion and patience open to us, and yet knows that the very worst of our experience is what does not last through Time Immemorial. They are, instead, temporal experiences. The Seer will always hold the veil open for your return when you venture into the underworld for greater mastery and understanding. The Seer is the great initiator.

And, from the darkest depths you may always ask for guidance, but you must ask.

All must find their own way. And we may learn this great and simple lesson from The Seer as we walk through the world. The strongest and most effective help we can ever extend to another, especially in crisis, are these most simple words: “What do you need?” To exert our belief that we know best for another is to degrade ourselves and to make all matters worse than they were to begin with.

Look around yourself, look around the world, look through history; how many wars, genocides, encampments, how many atrocities are born of this most simple disregard for the experiences of others?

“What do you need?” These are the most powerful of all words and the wisdom of a true master.

For those using these keys in healing work, The Seer will always hold open that boundary between your darkest memories and the world of your daily life.

You will not be lost. Not ever. You are free to uncover what you need to know, what you need to remember without fear. Go where you need to go, no matter how dark. When you look up a streak of silver light is always there. That is The Seer holding the veil open, allowing a guiding light to act as your marker. And you may always ask, ask to be shown what you need to see, ask to have interpreted what you have seen. Ask for advice on your best course of action.

The Seer cannot do this for you, for any of us, but if we are aware and if we are brave, it can all be accomplished in good time, in safety, and in complete love.

Be brave. Be well. Be healed.

*This is the basis of Non-Violent Communication (NVC), for those of you working with this method.

Ritual: The Seer (2)

Published February 28, 2014 by michelleembree

crow13aAssume you have created everything you see, everything you experience or have experienced.

Spend a few days looking at your life and the world from this idea.

In every situation consciously say the words to yourself: “I created all of this.”

Forget belief. This is about self-knowledge. This is entering The Living Oracle.

You are now looking at all things, categorizing these into the suits (The Magus exercise), and assuming your dominion as creator simultaneously.

As you become comfortable in this habit you become more closely aligned with your own knowing.

Do this before you go to sleep: relax your body, take deep breaths, all the way into your stomach and ask yourself: “Why did I create _______________?”

Start simple. “Why did I create a conflict with my co-worker today?”

“Why did I create a hording disaster in my garage?”

Even more simple ask about positive things: “Why did I create my beautiful children?”, “Why did I create my green garden?”

Let the answers come in words, images, and feelings. Let yourself know why you create the things in your life that you are aware you have control over.

Continue doing this over time and see how it expands your knowledge. More importantly, begin to notice how it expands your sense awareness. Colors will become more vivid. Shapes will become more defined. Awareness creates more awareness and gives us greater space in which to live, to delve, to feel, and enjoy.

This exercise also creates greater understanding of others and circumstances much larger than us.

After some practice with this, you may decide you want to begin to ask questions about those things which you do not control: “Why did I create a tree falling on my car?”, “Why did I create the moment so and so hurt me?”

To ask these questions is to gain greater control over our lives. This is not blaming the self. This is an exercise in discovery.

I have, indeed, asked why I created situations in which others hurt me under conditions over which I had no control. The answers that have come to me have become part of a narrative that creates a framework for feelings that once overwhelmed. Now I have better alert systems for when these feelings rise from places and experiences of my past. My psyche has a ‘sense making’ series of stories that prevent the old feelings from becoming new experiences that I do not desire.

I don’t blame myself. I make sense for myself, the greatest of all creative powers.

This is the fundamental purpose of this work, creating ourselves within our own knowledge and becoming more agile in our perception of the world and the endless, generally frightening and degrading, streams of stimulus that enter our fields.

I use this practice now to encompass all things. I asked this of myself one night:

“Why did I create the nuclear bomb?”

The answer came immediately: “I thought I was supposed to.”

And, undoubtedly, that is precisely how such a thing came to exist.

Be well. Be wise. Be free.

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