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Ritual: The Hermit (9)

Published April 1, 2014 by michelleembree
Artist: Frieda Harris w/Crowley / Thoth Deck

Artist: Frieda Harris w/Crowley / Thoth Deck

The Hermit is your Wisdom Key.

If you have been thinking about meditating . . . NOW is the time.

A meditation teacher just told me that she instructs beginners to start with 3 minutes. I was going to say five, but she said three is a long, long time. And she is right.

If it is not quite the right time to pick up a full meditation practice, there is still plenty of mind clearing that can be done easily enough.

I am a big believer in breathing deeply just before falling asleep and asking some questions of yourself, letting the mind simply answer.

(The following is taken from Paul Selig’s channeled text: The Book of Knowing and Worth)

First, claim yourself as wisdom. Breathe deep into your stomach and as you breathe out say to yourself: “I am wisdom. I am the one who may know.”

Ask yourself important questions and let yourself know the answer. Thinking is a process it is a sorting out of information and details; knowing is an inherited inner compass.

Suggestion: Am I the person I believe I am in this lifetime?

Suggestion: What is the truth about me in the situation of __________?

Suggestion: Ask to see a vision of yourself as you exist when living out your purpose. Ask to see this version of yourself in your dreams.

We access information by intention.

Intention is alignment.

Alignment is agreement.

Agreement is access.

When you claim: I am Wisdom. You align with wisdom and that alignment is your agreement to be what you claim and that agreement is your access to wisdom.

I am Wisdom. Claim it. Claim the Hermits key.




Ritual: The Great Fool ( 0 )

Published February 25, 2014 by michelleembree

foololdpicWrite a letter to yourself from The Great Fool.

This character is YOU in full knowing. This is the part of you that knows everything.

I recommend you do this when you are very calm, when you feel centered and have drank plenty of water. If you do The Great Fool meditation, you may want to write your letter right afterward.

What themes reappear in your life? Do you meet too many liars or cowards? Do you break more hearts than most you know? Does it seem that everyone needs you or that when you have a need no one is there?

Ask yourself and allow a theme or two to appear. Don’t think. Let the answers come. When we think, we almost always lie because we have conditioned ourselves to believe we are our thoughts. But, it is easy to see this isn’t true. Remember a time when you heard someone define themselves as something precisely opposite of your experience of them. Trust me, you do the same thing. We all do.

Ask yourself what is an overwhelming theme in my life and let the answer come. The answer is the first word or image that comes to your mind. And then begin:

Dear ___________,

Of course you have often experienced ______________. This is because you came to learn _____________.

And just let your hand do the work from there. Be FEARLESS here. Be honest.

When you think of a moment when you just cannot believe that so and so reacted in such and such a way, stop, breathe all the way into your stomach, go back to the moment and ask yourself what your real motivation was. Were you trying to help, or were you trying to control under the cover of your thoughts? Was it an off handed comment, or a jab you intended as a weapon though even you were unaware?

Do you attract liars because you don’t believe you deserve the truth? Or because you are a liar too and in relation to the others you have no responsibility to truth? Do you attract cowards because you secretly over-admire your own strength? Or because you believe you will always be abandoned in the worst possible moment? Do you attract the wounded and helpless because it makes you feel superior? Or because you are hiding from your own wounds? Or because you fear those you cannot control? Do you break hearts because you can not really love? Or because you like to show off to your friends? Or because you really are THAT insecure?

Be FEARLESS. Tell yourself the truth.

Do you attract violence because your energy field is a black hole for the stuff?

The answers, the truthful answers will definitely surprise you.

Ask The Great Fool what lessons you must learn from the patterns in your life.

Get over any notions that you are being tested or punished. Those are control notions handed to us by a culture based in religion/politics. You may not believe religion, you may even be very, very angry about religion (something good to work through with The Great Fool right there), you may askew politics as nothing but lies, still, you are deeply affected by these over-arching realities. Our family and schooling systems are based entirely in religious and political tenets. No way around it.

Life is not punishment and it is not a test. Life is a quest. And what you learn as you play changes the condition of the consciousness of The Master Everlast. What you learn matures and perfects The Great Fool still in connection, the part of you that is never born and never dies, the part of you that is writing this letter to you.

You took on The Forgetting because you are the VERY BEST at living your own life. No matter how it seems, no matter how you are encouraged to look at yourself by the religious/political culture that tells you much too much about who you are, no matter what the truth is simple: You are the VERY BEST at living your own life. That is why it is yours rather than another’s. These are your lessons. Learn them well and ask The Great Fool to tell you what you need to know.

Be FEARLESS. Be honest. Laugh and cry as needed.

Have Fun. Forgive yourself. Forgive your other selves as best as you are able.

Repeat this exercise often. This is seriously one of the best ways to get to know yourself and to learn these lessons well.

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