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Ritual: The Hermit (9)

Published April 1, 2014 by michelleembree
Artist: Frieda Harris w/Crowley / Thoth Deck

Artist: Frieda Harris w/Crowley / Thoth Deck

The Hermit is your Wisdom Key.

If you have been thinking about meditating . . . NOW is the time.

A meditation teacher just told me that she instructs beginners to start with 3 minutes. I was going to say five, but she said three is a long, long time. And she is right.

If it is not quite the right time to pick up a full meditation practice, there is still plenty of mind clearing that can be done easily enough.

I am a big believer in breathing deeply just before falling asleep and asking some questions of yourself, letting the mind simply answer.

(The following is taken from Paul Selig’s channeled text: The Book of Knowing and Worth)

First, claim yourself as wisdom. Breathe deep into your stomach and as you breathe out say to yourself: “I am wisdom. I am the one who may know.”

Ask yourself important questions and let yourself know the answer. Thinking is a process it is a sorting out of information and details; knowing is an inherited inner compass.

Suggestion: Am I the person I believe I am in this lifetime?

Suggestion: What is the truth about me in the situation of __________?

Suggestion: Ask to see a vision of yourself as you exist when living out your purpose. Ask to see this version of yourself in your dreams.

We access information by intention.

Intention is alignment.

Alignment is agreement.

Agreement is access.

When you claim: I am Wisdom. You align with wisdom and that alignment is your agreement to be what you claim and that agreement is your access to wisdom.

I am Wisdom. Claim it. Claim the Hermits key.




Ritual: The Empress (3)

Published March 2, 2014 by michelleembree

acecupeffectsThe Empress is your Balance in Creation.

The body, your physical body, is the boundary between the material field of earth, and the field of infinite cosmological explosions of creation upon creation.

That is quite a thing to be. Who and what we really are is quite a thing to be.

As you move upon the physical earth, endless messages, endless streams and full fields of information and emotions flow through your brain (your receiver/perceiver). You are a boundary. Or, some will say, The Event Horizon.

In whatever manner it suits you to name this reality, certainly a grounding, a balancing in conscious intention is worthy of our time.

Breathing deeply, all the way into the stomach is important beyond any words I can use to express it. Several times a day, remind yourself to breathe this way and center yourself squarely on this boundary that is your life, which is expressed as body.

Try this with the living beings around you that are other than human:

Breathe deeply, center. Now, look at a tree and let your mind grasp the first word or image that comes to you. Don’t think, allow.

Do this with plants, rocks, and animals who will allow you to catch their eye. Cats are generally pretty into this exercise.

Don’t think. Allow. The words, images, feelings you receive are your connection to The All in All. Everything is alive. Everything is conscious. Everything speaks. Learn the languages of everything around you on terms of their own. This is balance. This is knowing. This is access.

Learn the languages of beings on their own terms and your body will balance in a constantly exploding, infinite sea of stardust and change. Don’t think. Allow. This is the key to balance. This is the key to living in a body that is only a boundary zone. This is the key to joy and the format of wisdom.

For those using these keys for healing work: The Empress is the great hero who can hold all that you are. She is love. She can hold your paradox the way a friend can hold your hat.

When you are grieving for those events that have wounded, draw upon the love of The Empress to hold your sorrow in equity with your joy.

When you are grieving, joy can feel very far away and that is fine, perfectly fine. The Empress will hold it all for you.

This way we can remind ourselves: ‘I do not always feel like this. I am experiencing a wave of grief/despair because I am that kind of animal, because wounds require healing. I am flesh, I must heal.’   or   ‘I will not always feel this way. I am healing and I will feel differently as time moves on.’

The Empress will hold your hope and joy safely while you attend to the pressing matters of your healings. Grief is necessary and, in time, it makes large spaces for the joy which is already ours, though we must seek it from the worst places we have ever been.

I love you. The Empress loves you, every part of you. She balances those things that feel confusing to you. Lean on her.

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