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The Hermit (9)

Published April 1, 2014 by michelleembree

The Hermit is your Wisdom Key.

Wisdom is not intelligence. Intelligence is a state of being not an action.

Not all intelligent beings accumulate knowledge. And not all who accumulate knowledge, even meaningful knowledge, posses Wisdom.

Wisdom is what the Hermit teaches and her teaching is simple. Wisdom can be applied to all meaningful knowledge, but it has nothing to do with thinking. Thinking is a process, a sorting. Thinking is what a brain does, Wisdom is what the mind knows.

Wisdom is the allowing of what the mind knows.

Allowing is an action. We forget this most basic Wisdom in a world where action is understood as motion. The Wisdom mind, however, knows that allowing is action, it is an active acceptance of what exists. And anyone who has ever tried the action of allowing what is to enter perception knows the force of this action and the attendant desire to make an immediate outward action against it. The what is can bring on a craving for coffee and cigarettes and cocktails and channel flipping like no other action can.

Wisdom is what the hermit teaches and her teaching is simple: Allow.

What the mind knows, already knows, is that Wisdom is the perception of paradox as whole. We are whole beings, on a whole planet, in a whole cosmic infinitude. The mind itself is whole, it is The Great All in All.

This key is represented by the Hermit because wholeness is aloneness. This is not the same as lonely. Lonely is separation and wrong belief, it is born in a world where action is understood as a one-way street and Time is immortalized by a clock that teaches a belief in endings. Aloneness is pure connection.

The Hermit is your Wisdom. She is your key to connection to The Great All in All. The Hermit holds paradox in her palms as flame. She understands herself in compassionate accountability and applies this Wisdom to all the meaningful knowledge she has accumulated through experience, feeling, and through study.

We fear what is true because we fear it will lay waste to what we believe is true.

And it just might do exactly that in bringing us to a state of physic sovereignty through the expression of wholeness. The Hermit heals the ego, repeatedly traumatized as it has been, the Hermit heals the ego and carries it over the threshold and into the freedom of wholeness.


Ritual: The Hermit (9)

Published April 1, 2014 by michelleembree
Artist: Frieda Harris w/Crowley / Thoth Deck

Artist: Frieda Harris w/Crowley / Thoth Deck

The Hermit is your Wisdom Key.

If you have been thinking about meditating . . . NOW is the time.

A meditation teacher just told me that she instructs beginners to start with 3 minutes. I was going to say five, but she said three is a long, long time. And she is right.

If it is not quite the right time to pick up a full meditation practice, there is still plenty of mind clearing that can be done easily enough.

I am a big believer in breathing deeply just before falling asleep and asking some questions of yourself, letting the mind simply answer.

(The following is taken from Paul Selig’s channeled text: The Book of Knowing and Worth)

First, claim yourself as wisdom. Breathe deep into your stomach and as you breathe out say to yourself: “I am wisdom. I am the one who may know.”

Ask yourself important questions and let yourself know the answer. Thinking is a process it is a sorting out of information and details; knowing is an inherited inner compass.

Suggestion: Am I the person I believe I am in this lifetime?

Suggestion: What is the truth about me in the situation of __________?

Suggestion: Ask to see a vision of yourself as you exist when living out your purpose. Ask to see this version of yourself in your dreams.

We access information by intention.

Intention is alignment.

Alignment is agreement.

Agreement is access.

When you claim: I am Wisdom. You align with wisdom and that alignment is your agreement to be what you claim and that agreement is your access to wisdom.

I am Wisdom. Claim it. Claim the Hermits key.




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