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Published September 22, 2014 by michelleembree

rwdeathDeath is change complete. It is Change in its raw form and it comes for us over and over and over again. In one lifetime we die many deaths and surface again to live differently than we have in the past.

The Death Key: Full-Transformation.

Genuine transformation is rarely pleasant. Becoming the people we most want to become means leaving behind who we have been. It means getting over these dreams that come and go to favor the purpose you meant for yourself in this life.

Death is transformation; change in its most raw form.

And, no, you can not be who you have been at the same time that you become who you most want to be. This process of change is real. It can not be bought nor can it become truth from mere representation. You can’t fake this, you have to actually change and be humbled by the experience of it not as shame but as human, as shared. Humility is connection, it is the experience of the universal. Humility is not shame, it is realization of one’s simultaneous smallness and infinite power.

We are confused in the world, but this fact is getting sorted now. T

This process of change is real it can not be faked or represented. You have to do this and stick to it. A point of no return is literal. You cannot go back and you were always on your way here, so, what does that mean to you? The answer to that question is the character of the transformation you now become.

Death, the lucky thirteen, is marked by rose and by skull. Here all things are lain to rest. This is where your idols come to die, where innocence collapses, and where judgment shrugs. This is where you slay dragons and teachers with equal force. Here you see yourself in every face and hear your thoughts in every word.

Here you do the best when you confront those you can not forgive and find your peace via. escape to larger ground, to more worthy territories, here you do the best when it is your opportunity to let go of the worst things that have ever happened to you. Death favors those who surrender their complaints in order to struggle back into life.

Here is more painful when you know deeply just exactly what you have done to the others. Here, when you feel pain, it is most agonizing in the places where you have caused harm. That is nothing more than a law in this density. It isn’t even Justice, it is simply the way the process works. This. Life. And this. Death.

This transformation goes best for those who confront a mountain rather than a pit. I hope you understand this well because if you do, these words will be as fuel. These words are for you in your Death, your change into the person you most desire to become. Death is the end of something that cannot be retrieved. This is it. This is death. This is where ‘the was’ transforms into ‘the will.’

Death is the flow of time as a body that moves like a river, flooding ever forward it never reveals the the same drop twice. Time moves remarkably. And it belongs to you as you belong to it.

Death is the gateway to the next world, the next level of the game. If you want to play today, and you do, you really, really do want to know what all this means, you’ll have to agree to transform into the person you most want to become. Come what will or may, you must agree to change anyway, to become new.

The Death Key is a point of no return and passage requires a new fortitude and new honesty. You do want this, you always have. That’s the thing, you technically can reject transformation but you cannot do so and satisfy yourself simultaneously. A new desire must be born or you will perish. That is the requirement of death. Period.

The birth of a fresh and eager desire is the gift of Death as it appears in the middle of the quest.

What Justice revealed changed the vision of the Hanging Man and now you arrive at a gateway; an opportunity for transformation that costs exactly the sum of all that you have been. And not a fraction of a second less.

If you understand any of these words, it is already too late to say no.

So, go ahead and transform. The rest of the quest is already aligning to the person you most want to become.

Congratulations and I still love you. xxomichelle

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