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The Great Wheel (Wheel of Fortune)

Published April 30, 2014 by michelleembree

oldwheelThe Great Wheel is change.

We have collectively come to a moment of great change. Spring of 2014 is carrying us across something mighty. The astrologers and those who study the seismic are witnessing what I mean in their own vocabularies. Those who study the I-Ching have the largest vocabulary of them all to express this time period.

I want to be clear: There Is No Turning Back.

There is no who- you- were- when you got married or graduated from college or started train hopping or first learned to play the guitar. There is no who-you-once- were, because the time-line has shifted out of all that now.

The changing line both carries and relentlessly destroys the entire story of the I-Ching. It is what devastates the hexagram that was into the hexagram that now has always and only ever existed.

The changing line tells the story of all time; same as planets in perpetual motion and permanent change on The Great Wheel.

The ceaseless is what we experience as loss. So, be ready because here we go now and we will never, ever, ever be back this way again. We will never go back to where we were or who we were or to how we once knew. That’s all over now.

The ceaseless is what we experience as loss. So, this hurts. Alot. The greater your wisdom the fatter your tears.

As Souxsie once sang: Be A Man and Weep.

Like time travelers, we just hit the crest and now everything is unlike it ever was before.

The Great Wheel is the Key of Change.

Change is the one constant here in The Quest.

Change is all that ever remains.

The Great Wheel is never about what you need. It is always and only about who and what you really are. You may have nothing or everything to fear. None of that matters here, only who and what you really are. That is all that matters.

There is a light in your chest.

It is real.

It never goes out.

It never changes.

What you are is the only thing that never changes.

The Great Wheel is constant change and right now, today, is the perfect time to accept it complete.

Good Luck Out There. Be Wisdom. Be Freedom.

Ritual: The Great Wheel

Published April 30, 2014 by michelleembree

ImageThe Great Wheel (Wheel of Fortune)

Make a list of every fear inside your mind: every one of them.

Start with the big ones: death of a child, paralysis, buried alive.

Work your way down: spiders, losing a tooth, falling in public.

Write down every fear you can think up, be ridiculous by the end: Fear of Shmoo.

In fact, make a game out of how many fears you can come up with. If someone you really love will do this ritual with you, all the better.

After you have compiled this list. Breathe. Deep. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Listen to this breathing. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

Realize every fear you have written is entirely possible. Realize that the worst of the worst on your list, the ones at the top, the unthinkable fears have, in fact, happened to people. Breathe. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

Tear up your list and burn it. Bury the ashes or put them in a bottle to keep on your altar.

Let that list change you. Let yourself, now, let yourself think of those who have survived or succumbed to the very worst of those things on your list. Think of people who have survived those things that did not even make your list. The first list I ever made did not include: being a refugee, death row, concentration camp, and genocide of my people. My first list did not include these all too fear worthy scenarios and I learned a great deal from the simple fact of it.

I think about people who survive and succumb to these very real worlds of shock and grief, of change so absolute none of us have been the same since their happening, whether we know enough to include Napalm Attack on our list of fears or not, we have been altered by the simple truth of the fact of it. Nothing has been the same since the first Napalm Attack, the first Rape, the first death camp. Nothing has been the same since these horrors have occurred upon bodies just as our own. These bodies survive and succumb to the unthinkable day after day, night after night, generation into hurting, fearful generation.

Let this exercise change how you live inside your life. Not because there is nothing to fear, but because all change all the time is the only constant and you can never predict what you will find as that change happens all around you. Nor can you predict how changing the way you live in your life, in your body, changes everything around you.

Change. That is the whole deal. Change. So, let’s go now, because we can’t stay here.

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